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   HOME has been conceived in anticipation of the creation of this new market.

Through our associated companies Surrenda-link  and SL Investment Management, we have over 26 years' of experience serving the needs of UK consumers and global investors in the UK Traded Endowment and US Life Settlement markets.

Our aim is simple:

The public and financial industry completed an initial 3 month consultation process in 2015 where the Government invited comment on how such a market could operate in the best interests of consumers and secondary investors alike. The Government response was published in December 2015.

​The UK pension landscape is changing



Progressive legislation has already been introduced to provide retirees with more financial freedoms at the point of retirement.

The Government are now looking to extend these freedoms to existing pensioners. It is proposed that existing annuity holders, who have up until recently been obliged to purchase an annuity at retirement, should be given the choice to realise the value of their annuity in an open market.

Please note: Legislation to enable the trading of annuities in the UK has not yet been passed. As such, our free evaluation service serves as an indicative appraisal of the potential value of your annuity should a future secondary market develop. The evaluation does not constitute a legal offer to purchase your annuity. An annuity is an important long term income stream to many retirees, and selling an annuity may not be suitable for everyone's circumstances. We provide no advice to consumers. Should a secondary market in annuities develop and you are in any doubt as to the financial implications of selling your annuity, you should seek advice from an Independent Financial Adviser.

the                                                    Team

(September 2016)

"To apply our existing expertise and knowledge to bring consumers and investors together in an efficient and fair UK secondary annuity market."

​Subsequent legislation is planned in Parliament for later this year (2016). The Financial Conduct Authority (the UK Regulator) is in the process of preparing their response to their most recent consultation process on the regulatory framework. This should be published in October 2016. The aim remains to launch a new UK market in secondary annuities in April 2017.

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Days remain until the UK secondary annuity market launches

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